Stitching and Mending 

I am an artful mender, sewist, fiber, and collage artist. I believe that extending the life of our clothing is as good for us as it is for the planet. 

Much of my work will be handstitched. If machine stitching is important to you, please mention it to me. 

Although visible mending is my passion recently, I also like mends that challenge me to go on the hunt for the mended portion. When it is easier to find Waldo than the mend, now that’s a thrill. 

Current Price List 

Add Buttons  $.50/ button

If replacing, +cost of button

Adding buttonholes $1.00/hole
Applique to cover a hole  TBD
Hem pants, regular $7
Hem pants, lined $10
Simple skirt hem $7
Lined skirt hem $12
Replace elastic in the waist of pants or skirt $10
Shorten sleeves, regular $10
Shorten sleeves with cuffs $12
Sew on small patch $5
Sew on medium patch  $7
Sew on large patch  $9
Add pocket $5
Repair belt loops $1.00 each
Repair rips in garments $5
Shorten shorts/pants $10
Add a ruffle to skirt $15.00



Some garments need more than a quick fix. Reworking a favorite item of clothing or working a piece of a favorite item into a remix is very rewarding. It’s a new life for everything involved. Most of my accessories are made from second cycle fabric, fabric that ended up on the cutting room floor, or leftovers. 


The hole front and center made this shirt unwearable. After patching the hole a sprig of flowers was embroidered.

These slipper boots seemed unredeemable. The layers were secured one by one and then embroidery added to coordinate with other mends.

The neckline of this sweater had detached. After securing the edge embroidery was added to personalize the sweater.


You can see some of the ways I can hide a hole with visible mending above. Check out some of my creations in my Etsy shop to get an idea of what I can do.