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Upcycled, Recycled, Altered and Improved – Fashion Friday

Of the many kinds of fashion that I find draws me in is re-imagined clothing. Articles of clothing that were once loved and now linger in the back of a closet. Fibers that have worn so well that some of them have worn straight through. Items that were never quite right. When these see the light of day, when they receive a little tender care and a heavy dose of embellishment, well, I swoon. I love the fussy, the complicated, the difficult to wash. (I have a pile of it ready to be hand rinsed to prove my point.)

So this week I rescued these images from the Winter 2014 issue of Altered Couture. I hoped to remind myself that this is a dream of mine. 

I’ll be looking through my closet this weekend. The season is changing and the light weight clothing must take precedent over the heavy knits. To be sure my eye will be ready to find items to rework or to donate. 

How do you approach the season change? Do you regularly cull your closets and make way for something new? Are you a shopper? A refashioner? A stalwart fan of clothes you bought years ago and have no intention of letting go or letting out? 

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  1. I love the closet clean out! It makes me feel so good. And, well, yes, the shopping too! Thanks for sharing your lovely image with us!



  2. Amy, Nice to see you here! The closet clean out seems to be a conversation I am having, bumping into and overhearing a great deal this week. People are really ready to wear something other than their woolies.

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