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Time for a Tea Party – a Mad Tea Party

Years ago I read about The Mad Tea Party blog event sponsored by Vannessa at  A FancifulTwist in Artful Blogging Magazine. I’ll admit, I was enchanted. The photos I saw were vibrant, creative, sparkling, entrancing. I was smitten.
When Google Reader retired and I switched over to DiggReader, I ended up catching up on some blog reading. There it was, The Mad TeaParty Invitation on Vannessa’s blog. And it was only one week away. With my already busy schedule would I be crazy to fit it in? Yes, well, maybe. Am I going to try? Of course! I may not come close to creating the kind of vision I saw others post in years past, but you have to start somewhere. So this is the year.
Saturday, look forward to a crazy tea filled post from me. 

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