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The Mad to Glad Tea Party

Welcome to the 
Mad to Glad Tea Party 2016
These days there is so much to be mad about, sad about, absolutely devastated about.
Wherever I look I see people questioning why…
wondering how we got to this place….
wondering if the things they do matter…
if they matter….
and they do.
They do matter. 
You matter. 

So as I pondered these things, along came the time for
Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist to post the invitation 
to her annual
Mad Tea Party. 

Each year I look forward to this wonderful party. The loveliness, the creativity, the joy of it all. 
As I pondered these things I decided to hold a 
Mad to Glad Tea Party this year. 

First we must entice a rabbit with a bouquet of basil and fresh dill. 
Everyone knows that rabbits are great for inspiration. 

Sir Fernly Fern and I thought a long time. I stroked his silky fur. He nuzzled me and nipped me when I stopped petting him. Sir Fernly Fern doesn’t shy away from comfort as we humans sometimes do. 

The idea to turn Mad to Glad came to me as we snuggled. Tea, friendship and art journaling – the focus for this year. 

I used craft paper instead of a pretty cloth so we could spill as much as we wanted, or write, or paint. 

Guest tags were replaced by black sharpie free flowing names on the table. Naturally we set a place for the Unexpected Guest. 

Three kinds of tea. Why not? A taste testing adventure.

Silly labels made us laugh. 

And we can’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

While I know that a cuppa tea can often change my mad to glad, I had more planned for my party friends.

I gave each friend a piece of cold pressed watercolor paper and told them to write what was making them mad or sad or anxious or worried. Like 18th century letter writers would conserved paper, we turned the paper and wrote crosswise. In days gone by the paper was expensive. We used it as a design element. 

After choosing some colors to paint over the words we picked up our cards and spread paint.

My spot at the table after painting a few layers. 

Collage ensued. Scrap paper. Paper bags. Paper from presents last Christmas. Magazine pages. If it could be pasted down it was fair game. 

More color. More layers. We stopped only when it became apparent that our pages needed to dry before adding any more. We hope to continue these now glad pieces. Pieces that inspire us to move forward when it seemed hard to move a muscle.

Here’s hoping that you have some inspiration to turn something mad into something glad. Thanks for joining us.  

Please be sure to visit A Fanciful Twist for links to see all the Mad Tea Parties that are happening today. Just click on the invitation to zip over there. 

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  1. Wow! I LOVE those artworks, what a great idea for a tea party! You have definitely inspired me to do something like this. Love the flowers too, it's Winter here in Australia so no flowers for me, not yet anyway.

  2. Awesomely beautiful and GLAD inspiring!
    Please visit – I have music

  3. What a lovely party! So glad I could make it! Thanks for having me.

  4. What a wonderful idea for a party! Love the collages!

  5. Such a fun Mad Tea Party project! I wish I had been there to participate!!! I see you save your iTunes cards to paint with! Me too!!

    In the meanwhile, My Little Victorienne and Purple Kitty are waiting for a visit from you at my blog! We hope you enjoy your time there!

    Wishing you a wonderful Mad Tea Party Weekend!


  6. I love your party and the collages. I'm hoping to dive into collages at some point soon. I've never done one, but I think I'd really enjoy it. 🙂 You have such pretty handwriting and I love your tea pots and cups. 🙂

  7. Love all the fun happening here — colors, paint, yummies and silly labels! Too bad this party isn't in person and we can all paint together.

    Greetings from Arizona, Ronni

    My party is over here:

  8. I am in love with your basil bouquet. I bet it smelled delicious!

    And like you, I always look forward to this kind of occasions–times when people let their hair down (bring the teapot out) and do something just for fun. This remind us we are human, and much better than all the ugliness we (as a species) are capable of brewing into being.

    Happy Mad-to-Glad Tea Party! ♥

  9. I love the writing on the brown paper tablecloth! Very clever!

  10. A really happy tea party …..
    You're roses are magnificent … as is your collection of tea pots.
    Happy Mad to Glad Tea Party day 🙂

  11. I've loved visiting your party, the idea of using brown paper to doddle on for a tablecloth is brilliant and love your art journalling. What a delightful way to spend a mad afternoon and turn the day in joy.

  12. Wow!! How delightful!! Love your art! Thank you for your hospitality, Dear, and Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  13. Dear B.,
    Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments. We had fun making these works of art. I'd love to see your artwork. The flowers were beautiful, but they were from the grocery store. (Oops, now you know that I don't[can't] grow my own flowers!)

  14. Thanks so much, Laura. So glad it inspired gladness!

  15. So glad you came and that you enjoyed yourself.

  16. Thanks for coming by, Sharon! I'm glad you liked the idea and the collages that emerged from our tea time ponderings.

  17. Oh, I wish you had been here too, along with Little Victorienne and Purple Kitty whom I adore. Glad to know that you are putting your iTunes cards to good use like I am. Sometimes I punch a hole in the middle of one of the short ends and string it as a necklace. (after it is covered in layers of paint, of course.)

    Thanks for coming to my tea party and for hosting a delightful tea party that we could all visit.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Collages are certainly a lot of fun. I think you will enjoy it. One of the key things (in my opinion) is to put down a number of layers of things before adding the collage that will be your focal point. Your compliment on my handwriting made me smile. It was a lovely thing for you to say.

    Thanks again for coming along.

  19. Thanks for coming over for a visit, Ronni. I would love to paint together! Perhaps we could do a collab? So glad you enjoyed my party. Yours made me smile ear to ear.

  20. Magaly, I am afraid you will have to wrestle with Sir Fernly Fern for that bouquet. He is partial to his basil and dill. (Yes, it did smell delicious.) He indulge him as his fur is as soft as you will ever find and he is sweeter than he would like it to generally be known.

    Yes, we do need to remind ourselves that we are capable of so much more. Thanks for coming by and reminding me.

  21. Thank you, Jenna. I settled on craft paper as being the most suitable for a painting party after weighing many options. So glad you dropped by.

  22. Thanks, Kerry, for coming by and for the words of affirmation. I lucked out with the roses – bought them in the grocery. Wish I could take more credit for them. Glad you liked the tea pots. We enjoyed comparing flavors. Thanks for visiting.

  23. Thanks for visiting, Jane. Glad you enjoyed yourself. The craft paper tablecloth seems to have been a hit. I was sad not to use one of my pretty tablecloths, but tried to turn it to a positive.

  24. Anne, thanks for visiting and your lovely comments. I am glad you enjoyed your time here. Happy Mad Tea to you as well.

  25. Oh I love your art and your tea party, but most of all I love the tags for each tea. So clever. Thanks!

  26. Oh the Teaset!!! the table!!! the Roses!!! the Artwork, the Collages's!!! Love it all!
    so adorable, thank you,
    please visit my tea here:

  27. What fun! Tablecloth idea is genius. Thanks for tea:)

  28. I'm glad you came by, Marilyn. The tea tags were fun to do. Part of my corny sense of humor. Thanks for your affirming comments.

  29. Celeste, thank you for coming to my tea party. I am glad you enjoyed it. Went to visit your party and found it very unique. I especially liked the bagpipes and kilts. I did not, however, find a place to comment, look though I might. So hope you find my thanks here. Your Scottish interpretation of the Mad Tea Party was very clever.

  30. Ladybug, I am so glad you stopped by and had fun. Come again, anytime.

  31. What an absolutely happy place. Thanks for bringing some glad to the table, literally. We all need this about now. xox

  32. I really want to thank you for this inspirational tea party and I might have to borrow this idea because it's genuinely beautiful and so heart-felt in a time when we all need it so badly. This past week has been awful for me on several personal levels. I haven't cried this hard in a long time and I've questioned things that normally wouldn't give me a moment of pause…so yeah…ugh. I needed a beautiful moment and all of these tea parties, especially yours with the "Mad to Glad" theme, these were so beneficial on a soul level. Very healing. Thank you.

    I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. 🙂
    ~ Misha

  33. Thank you, Misha, for your heartfelt comments. I am so glad that my party could be of comfort at this time for you. We all need some comfort these days. The way I interpreted this excercize was my own twist, but the idea of writing and transforming through art journaling is pretty common. I have seen this idea used, in one form or another, in many different circles, by many different artists. At this party I discovered that the key for this to be helpful to me is for me to realize that I am transforming the feelings and my reactions rather than simply covering them up.

    I wish you so much joy, transformation, beauty, healing and peace. I hope that the week that is ahead is much better than the week behind.

    Thank you for visiting and for your comments. It is a gift to know that this post was helpful.

  34. Corrine, it was so nice of you to stop by. Glad to know that you enjoyed it.

  35. Thank you for hosting such an inspiring Mad to Glad Tea party. I love the collage' elements you used for the 'glad' theme. Yes, there is truly craziness happening around the world. To have a party such as this, strengthens the ties that bind the kindred spirits around the world in the realm of art and soul. So, far, your party has been the highlight of this merry-go-round blog-hopping event!
    I will definitely be creating some 'glad' collages' for sure.
    Have a delightfully blessed week as you sure made my day a lot more brighter!
    Teresa in California
    Come on over as my blog is full to the brim with Alice whimsy!

  36. Teresa, you made my day! What a lovely thing to say. I'm glad to know that I could make your day brighter. I love how we all put joy out into the world and have a chance to be inspired in turn. Your whimsical party was lots of fun to visit.

  37. Lynda, your party has made me smile and giggle. I love the names of the teas! How much *fun* are you?!?!? LOVE them. I think I'll have the How Assam You Are with cream and two lumps of sugar, please! Your mixed media collages are inspiring. I would love to talk to you about it. I'm an oil artist, but I really would love to learn techniques for mixed media art journaling.

    Thanks for taking the time to put together such an awesome and happy party. You rock!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  38. Hi Ricki Jill,

    Thanks for coming by to the party. I'm delighted that you found it fun. BTW, you are definitely Assam!

    I'd love to connect about art journaling and mixed media. I remember last year you showed an interest in starting art journaling. In fact, you inspired a blogpost. Don't know if you ever saw it. I'm attaching the link in case you are interested.

    I wonder what would be the easiest way for us to connect? Do you want to have a conversation – google hangouts or something? Blog comments? I'm game. Let me know what you think. Your oils are so beautiful. It would be interesting to see what you would do with mixed media.

    Always fun to visit with you.
    xo right back at you,

  39. I love how bright and colorful your party is! Those collages are wonderful. Thank you for such a happy event!

  40. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you liked our collages and the party. So glad you came for a visit.

  41. What a nice thought to base your party on and how fun to get to create collages, too. Pretty teapots and roses are bound to make anyone happy and I'm glad I stopped by. Cheers, Sarah

  42. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah, and for your kind comments. I'm glad you came.

  43. Hi Lynda,
    So sorry I'm late! My library job keeps me busy but as always, I was impressed by your creativity. Look at those yummy treats too! The tea tags were adorable. Thank you so much for having me by and throwing a fun party!

  44. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for coming! You know the kettle is always on here. Thanks for your lovely feedback. It made my day.

  45. A beautiful post! I love the roses, and the craft idea! It is so pretty.

  46. Thanks, Lynzie. I am so glad you could stop by. The roses bloomed so prettily and are only just now finished.

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