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The Kettle’s Still On

I feel a little sheepish, but I realize I didn’t include a link to the Mad Tea Party revelers in my Mad Tea Party blogpost. I thought I was being clever in preparing my post in advance, as the Mad Tea Party fell in the middle of my Artist Retreat. The morning of the party I made sure that the post was up and that the URL was sent along. I had forgotten to add the link! 

Please visit A Fanciful Twist for the list of tea parties. I had a fun time visiting the Mad Tea Parties. 

Looking forward: Posts from my Artist Retreat. 

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  1. Hi Lynda – hope your retreat went well. Dropping by to thank you for your lovely heartfelt comment on my blog post about my art journal page. It was lovely to create and is indeed special to me, but so wonderful that it inspires you as well. Have a lovely weekend

  2. My retreat was wonderful! That's my next post. You can be sure that your work inspires me. I am trying to get around to stopping by your blog more often, but am on a mission to finish my 100 blogs challenge. I'm trying to visit 100 different blogs – a task that is harder than you think when you are forgetful as I am and forget to write down the places you've been. I'm halfway there. After that I am sure I will visit you often.

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