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Texture – Fashion Friday

Textures – I love them! I once had a boss who was a master at the use of texture and color, for that matter. It was a joy to see the way she engineered her outfits…dressy, but a bit funky. I’d love to dress like that. In the last few years I’ve gone for simple to wear and to choose. I’d like to reclaim my sense of style. While I am engineering a new set of items in my closet I want to remember to add texture. 

The images I chose this week are hardly the styles I would wear. I found them beautiful, however and full of texture. They were a good reminder of how I might like to go about adding texture – fabrics of various thicknesses, densities, and, for lack of another term, texture. Brocade, silk, lace, weave, embroidered, fluffy, rough, beaded, yet nothing furry that originated as someone’s skin, thanks. And whether it is out of a love of beings that fly or based on my own allergy to feathers I prefer looking at them on the sky creatures rather than wearing them. 

What are your favorite textures? Do you think much about textures in your wardrobe? In your interior? At all? 

The images came from a Marie Claire magazine from 2012. I cut out the exact issue and page and then lost it in a pile of clippings. 

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