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Shining New Pages

“Look toward the light” collage by Lynda Shoup. May 2017.

Two Junes ago I took a class with Kelly Kilmer. It was a wonderful day of creation. I had never had any contact with other mixed media people in an in-person style way. I treasure that day. While some pages in the journal we made that day were finished I have many more pages to complete. 

It is not uncommon for mixed media enthusiasts to take on too many projects, to want to try everything and to skip from one journal to another. Picking up this journal after several years seemed like it might be difficult or it would be hard to match the style, but it didn’t turn out that way. It felt simply perfect.

“Choose Joy” collage by Lynda Shoup. May 2017.

The next day I noticed that Kelly’s teaching schedule is on her blog. I’m eyeing a class and trying to decide whether it can fit in my schedule. Kelly is an amazing teacher. She pulls so much out of you while you are not even aware that she is doing so. I found her class very powerful. If you want to see if there is something for you on her schedule, you can look here:

I highly recommend it!

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