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Scepter of Healing Vibes

I need healing. Don’t know about you, but I suspect that you feel this too. There are so many reasons to need healing. Bodily healing, relationship healing, social healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing are just a few needs that come to mind. I don’t believe we are meant to bear our burdens alone, but also begin to understand how difficult it is to accept help. So I wanted to make a tangible object that would stand as a reminder of the power of community to heal. A scepter of healing vibes was born as an idea.

Along came the new products from Emerald Creek by Gwen Lafleur: Boho Blends embossing powder and Boho Bits embellishments! I knew I had found my materials.

Materials used in this project:

Boho Blends – Embossing Powder from Gwen Lafleur & Emerald Creek

Burmese Jade and Turkish Bronze were used in this project.

Boho Bits – Embellishments from Gwen Lafleur & Emerald Creek

Mexican Fire Opals, Apatite Geode Chips and African Amethyst were used in this project.

Irresistible India – Embellished Sari Scraps
Gwen’s Essentials – Sari Ribbon from Darn Good Yarn
Gwen’s StencilGirl Stencils – Decorative Collection
Gwen’s StencilGirl Stencils – Ornamental Collection

wooden dowel

variety of wooden shapes

gel medium

Tacky glue

a variety of acrylic paint


glass beads

1 decorative headpin

gel pens

The journey:

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that I have a stash of wooden pieces since you rarely see me use them. It came in handy for this project. With the exception of the dowel, the pieces were all painted with a variety of colors of acrylic paint before a top coat of gold paint to pull them together and make them look a bit more regal. The dowel served as my notepad. A heartfelt wish for the healing of anyone who holds this scepter was penned on with a sharpie fine point pen. Recently I have been adding secret messages into all of my work. This note was not meant to be read by anyone, but serve as a permanent mark of my sincere hope for spreading healing.
The sari piece that I selected for this project has a rather large section of mesh. The mesh was used as translucent screen for the writing. It adds some mystery to what is written. Before attaching it Gwen Lafleur’s stencil (shown in picture) was used to add a couple of flowers to the mesh. Gel medium applied through the stencil was then sprinkled with Burmese Jade embossing powder and heated.
Embossing powder was added to the edge of the wheel and the detail of the base. The wooden pieces were attached using tacky glue. This photo shows a variety of Gwen’s Boho Bits by Emerald Creek.
More of stencils applied to mesh, sprinkled with Burmese Jade embossing powder and heated created this piece. It was affixed with gel medium.
To get a clear image of the stencil on the surface of the wooden ball is tricky. I applied gel medium through the stencil onto my gelli plate, laid some netting from the sari fabric on top and pressed down with waxed paper. After peeling it off carefully, the embossing powder was tossed over, the excess shaken off and heat applied. Take care not to get it too hot or the mesh will melt
The stencil has been added to the mesh and embossing powder sprinkled over the top.
This mesh is much easier to apply to the wooden ball. Brush gel medium onto the ball and press the mesh down smoothing the edges as you go. More gel medium and tinkering may be needed to get the edges to lay flat.
Here on the finished product you can see how I attached this motif to the wooden ball. There is one on the front and one on the back. The ribbon kind of hides it, but it’s also rather magical to know that it is hiding back there.
A wooden egg was covered with bits of the sari piece carefully trimmed into small pieces and applied with gel medium. Embossing powder was added to some of the areas between floral motifs.
A small spangle was painted black and sprinkled with Turkish Bronze embossing powder. When heated the edges curled inward, a surprise that added to the piece. A larger spangle was treated with the Burmese Jade before adding a layer of glue and beads A decorative head pin from my jewelry stash pulled the spangles together. All were glued to the top of the egg.
Another view of the egg.
Next Boho Bits were glued to the egg in the spaces between motifs. This part was tricky because of the shape of the egg. The bits had to be applied a section at a time and let to dry before moving on to another section. When this was not followed, bits fell over the side and the process had to be repeated.
The wooden pieces were glued together using tacky glue. There is a secret – a random sampling of glass beads were added to the hollow center before sealing making it a noisemaking object as well.
The largest African amethyst bit was perfect for the end of the scepter. As it was a little bigger than the size of the dowel, a link of a chain from my jewelry making collection was glued down first and the amethyst bit applied to that. It was a perfect fit.
A detail from the dowel wrapped in sari scrap lace.
Sari scrap ribbon was tied into a Chinese knot and secured between several of the wooden elements.
Plenty of details and repeating color scheme makes my heart soar.
The colors of the ribbon complement the bits. Gel pen was used to ad some definition to the embossed pieces.
I’m already feeling the healing vibes.
The process of making this scepter was a healing experience. Playing with beautiful materials, both old and especially new, brings energy and peace to me. Seems like there will be more embossing projects in the offing.

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  1. Jill McDowell says:

    Lynda, I am absolutely amazed at all of the out of the box ideas you come up with. Stencils, Gel Medium, BoHo Blends and mesh… who but you would have ever thought? I love your healing wand, we should all have one. I hope someday to be able to hold yours and let it work it’s magic. Beautiful piece and a great post.

    1. lshoup says:

      The thing is that you follow where the muse leads. I thought of a scepter of healing vibes and problem solved from there. I had no idea I was going to use mesh! I know you have the same process. I hope that someday you will take this scepter for a spin. I’m glad you like it and thank you for your words of approval.

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