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Paper Bracelet for a Tea Party

I love making paper. It is so satisfying to take the raw materials and see them transform into paper. This week a piece of paper was so luscious I made a bracelet of it. Over on the Arnold Grummer blog, you can see how I made it, step by step.

The paper was a beige kind of creamy paper with subtle texture. I love it.

I envisioned something soft and understated. Something feminine. Something one would wear to a garden party or to have tea. So I thought of the ingredients – paper, lace and freshwater pearls. As one does. Just so I would not stray so far from my usual path of using recycled materials, I used packing material for the base.


Who would have thought that you could get away with wearing a paper bracelet to a tea party? Well, that might not surprise you that I used neutral colors. I know I go a little heavy on the brights!

Many thanks to jadore madeleine bunny for modeling the cuff and bringing together the vision I had for this piece. Check her out on her blog – and Instagram @jadoremadeleinebunny .


Isn’t it just Darjeeling?

And there is no worry about tea staining. Not to spill the beans, but if you go over to the directions on the Arnold Grummer page you will see that it’s waterproof. Not waterproof enough to go swimming, but a little tea won’t hurt it.



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