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Mother’s Day Gelli Prints – Stamping and Printing Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and to the fathers out there who have to fill in a mother’s shoes. 

I wanted to send you flowers so here are a couple of gelli printed flowers. I don’t know whether I will leave them as is or whether I will choose to fill them in. 

 My family had our meal out yesterday and so today was a lovely day for sleeping in. Just what I wanted! 

I hadn’t gelli printed in a few weeks and I was eager to do some. Here are some of my favorites from today. 

I love the prints as they are, as part of my art journaling, and also as a layer in my double exposure photos. I love the way they combine with other photos. 

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. It was great for me to celebrate yesterday (less crowd in the restaurant) and have today to loll about. If you could plan your own Mother’s Day event, what would be most meaningful to you? Now that you’ve thought about it, how about asking for it?

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  1. I love the colors you chose, Lynda. I especially love the first, third, and fifth one. Happy Mother's Day to you. xoxo Su

  2. Thanks, Su. It's great to get such specific feedback. The flowers started in my mind as roses, but look a lot more like hydrangeas. That's great too. I took the colors from Friday's journal page.

    I hope your Mother's Day was lovely.

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