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Making Holiday Gift Wrapping – Part One – A Party

I got my hands on Gwen’s holiday stencils and the ideas immediately started going round in my head. I mean, look at them! And yes, those are fairy lights shining down on them. I do so love to have fairy lights shining down on my desk. 

First I stenciled on white paper. Then on a brown tag. Finally on tissue paper. The possibilities for making materials for gift wrapping were amazing. 

I couldn’t keep all this goodness to myself, now could I? So we decided to have a gift-wrap making party and enjoy making our wrapping with our friends. Now I must admit that some of my friends are not all that comfortable with being asked to make things. They say things like “I’m not artistic.” or “I don’t make things.” Usually, I nod my head and tell them that there will be refreshments and they can hang out with the other people who don’t think they can do it making hot chocolate. Frankly, some of their work ends up being amazing.  

When having a party that involves paint, covering the tables with craft paper and securing with duct tape relieves those what-if-I-spill-on-the-table jitters. Frankly, I encourage people to draw on the paper. It’s so much more interesting that way. 

Here’s the tag I made using markers. 

One participant mimicked the poinsettia stencil using one of the makeup sponges. 

Another made stripes of color and stenciled the poinsettia over them. 

In this picture, you can see many different approaches. 

This was a careful stenciler who made beautifully crisp images. 

This friend believed she could not do this stenciling thing. Imagine a package wrapped in this! I love the colors she used. 

This friend has a mathematical and geometric sense of balance. 

Here the stencil was stamped onto paper, cut out and pasted to a large piece of paper. Paint was added on top and other elements added around it. 

More color was added ontop. 

Here it emerges. 

Brownish red paint in a spray bottle was used to spritz the stencil. Then the stencil was used with red paint to create more poinsettias. 

They were then layered and glued to the paper to create a full and dimensional work. 

The party was fun. It was especially enjoyable to see the different things my friends did with the stencils. It was a good way to gain a new perspective.

Stay tuned – That was Holiday Gift Wrapping Part One. Later this week I will reveal what I did with these stencils to make some unique gift wrapping. Hope you will come back and visit me then. 

Until then, I would love to know:
Do you make your own wrapping material?
Have you ever done it? How did it go? 
What are your favorite gift wrap go-tos? 

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  1. Looks like fun!

  2. Wrapping parties are such fun. I sometimes make my own wrapping material and of course, tags. It's loads of fun and can be as neat or messy as the supplies permit!

  3. So much fun Lynda! What a great idea to have a party like this, and it looks like it was a great time with some fabulous results! (PS… LOVE the fairy lights!)

  4. Thanks, Gwen. When I got the holiday stencils I thought why not see what others would do with it. I was pleased to see people exceed their own expectations. (what's not to love about fairy lights? They stay up all year.)

  5. I'm sure you do make your own. Yes, some of us got messier than others. All part of the fun!

  6. It sure was! Wish we could have a party together.

  7. Wow! Some gorgeous papers here, and what fun to have a wrapping paper-making party! Great idea🎨🤗

  8. So many wonderful possibilities. Gwen has the BEST stencils! I love what you and your friend made. So many various styles with the same stencils. That is what makes art fun!

  9. Thanks, Kate! I agree, Gwen's stencils are golden! Isn't it fun to see how many variations can be made with similar materials?! Just a matter of how you mix them. We had so much fun. Hope you'll stop back on Saturday when I will post part two – my take on wrapping and three ways to use the same stencils.

  10. Thanks, Linda! So glad you took a peek. The party was a fun idea to start, but it was an absolute delight to see how other people used those stencils. We have a tiny space, but we packed in as many people as we could hold and it was great.

  11. Now I know where the cool place to be in your neighborhood is! Fairy lights and all…. great fun! Looking forward to your next post to see what you come up with.

  12. You know it, Jill! This is where all the cool kids hang out. Ha ha! I love saying that. Hope you will like part two.

  13. Lynda! Such fun!! Oh how I want to come play art at your house!!
    I love your fairy lights and I love how you coaxed the "I don't know how to" friends into creating- pretty tricky sis!!
    Beautiful papers by all and I am sure they even amazed themselves at their own creativity!
    I have never had a wrapping party but sure would like to now!
    Can't say I make my own paper, but do create my own cards.
    Your posts are always so much fun- thank you for sharing! XO

  14. Jackie, it would be fun if we could play art together. I'm sure you would get a kick out of the variety of people we had all doing things their way! Each was perfect. I had never had a wrapping party before, though I had made my own paper, but it seemed like just the thing to do. So glad I made it happen. Certainly not the level or organization of your retreats, but a good fit for this event. Thanks for all your enthusiasm. It makes me so happy.

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