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Mad Tea Party 2015 – Double Vision

“Please come for tea” the March Hare says fixing his beautiful, shiny eyes upon you. How can you resist?
Flowers blossoming in ways that are marvelous to behold.

He hops along the path that leads to a most intriguing setting for tea. 

He moves so fast he is almost transparent. Where did he go? Where has he left you?

As you move through the garden the tea cups seem to appear out of the flowers. 

Suddenly there they are – teacups! But big enough to swim in. 
So you dance on the rim feeling a kind of amazed exuberance. 

It’s odd, the flowers seem to talk. You must be getting sleepy. 

Walking through the handle of the teacup. When did you get so small? Or did the teacup grow?

You search for the March Hare and think you see his eyes looking back at you even as you make it to the tea table. 

You are so tired you rest on some of the sweets!

You may be tired, but the March Hare is busy taking tea. 

The teacups are shrinking. Is this good or bad?

You need to get back home. Maybe the stone bridge will take you there. 

Instead you are led to the tunnel in the bay. 

You are asked to stay, but you’d prefer to go home and have a cup in a safe place where you know what to expect. 

Ahhh! This cup is just Assam. 
(A variety of apps were used in the making of this tea party. Diana App for double exposure. Snapeee for decorating. Comics Camera for high contrast.)
Models: Sir Fernly as the March Hare. Madeleine Ooka as You. Lynda Shoup as the talking flower. 
Location: Many of the photographs were taken at Blithewold Mansion and Arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island. As magical a place as ever existed. Don’t believe me? Go for their Fairy Festival on August 2nd and see for yourself!

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  1. Such clever double vision.

  2. Such pretty images.I think my favorite is the first teacup. Happy mad tea

  3. I really am digging how surreal all the photographs for this look. Perfect for an Alice theme. 🙂

  4. What a fun visit. Thank you for sharing the apps you use. I LOVE apps! I'm guessing Snappy and Comics Camera are for the Android (didn't come up on my iPhone). But I already had Diana and haven't yet learned it. You've given me some good reasons to start working on it. Thank you!

  5. I've always wanted to swim in a cup of sweetened tea! Okay, so your post inspired me to say that; but it isn't a lie. I'm sure I'm always wanted to go for tea swimming and just didn't know it.

    Love your photography. ♥

    Happy Mad Tea Party!

  6. That was seriously fab photography. Love the affects. Hellos from my party:

  7. Hi, Lynda. Thank you for the creative story and image-layering photography. Very dreamy…

    Please come to my party:


  8. Wow, such visually stunning photos. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Oh, wow, Lynda….I'm blown away!!! How did you alter the photos like you did? You have skills my friend! I love this post, and I want my daughter to see it when she wakes up. LOVE it!

    Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  10. A delightfull MAD post! Thank you for introducing me to the very talented Sir Fernly. (I hope his mother continues to do better.)
    Oh those bridges that lead you under water!
    Please come visit:

  11. Ohhhh this are great pictures…i love this….happy unbirthday

  12. A very nice party indeed. Thanks for the treats. It was wonderful.


  13. Extremely creative and unique tea party! Thank you for inviting us into your world.

  14. Great tea, very creative, love the pic techniques, hope you will visit Plumfield

  15. Thanks for coming to my tea party. So glad you enjoyed it. So glad you invited me to your tea party. It was lovely to behold. Can't wait to try your lavender biscuit recipe.

  16. Thank you for coming to my tea party. I enjoyed yours too.

  17. Thanks for coming by. Glad you liked the treats.

  18. Happy Unbirthday to you too! Glad you liked the pictures.

  19. I love the one with the little girl dancing along the rim of the cup. Super creative!

  20. Sir Fernly sends his warm regards and deepest thanks.

    Glad you could visit.

  21. Thanks for inviting me to your tea party. I had such fun! Your party is just perfect.

    Your kind words touch my heart. I used an app on my phone called Diana. It is an app to make double exposures. It's very easy to use and I love the results. There are other apps that do similar things, but I'm acquainted with this one. I really enjoy seeing what comes about. It was fun to do something so different this year.

    Glad to see you.

  22. Thank you for coming by. Glad you liked the photos. It makes me happy to hear that other people enjoy them.

  23. How clever of you! I must investigate these apps. They look like loads of fun.
    Thanks for having me to tea. It was a delightfully mad time!

  24. Wow! so beautifully done! especially love the transparent rabbit image
    Thanks for sharing the apps too- I'm not techy but your photos inspire one to try!

  25. Glad you came to my party. Thanks for the compliments. It was satisfying to use a new medium for this year's tea party.

    Thank you for inviting me to your party! Your Alice dolls are lovely. I'll look forward to seeing you on Blog login'.

  26. I would just love to see you swimming in a cup of tea. I can imagine you pushing off the rim of the cup doing an exuberant flip through the air. Guess you'll have to put that on your bucket list. 🙂

    Thanks for coming and your compliments.

  27. Hi Kaye,
    I'm glad you came. The apps are all on iPhone. That's what I use. Looking on my phone I see I made an oopsie – it's Snapeee not Snappy. Diana is lots of fun to use. Hope you enjoy exploring the fun of double exposures.

  28. Thanks for coming by. Using double exposure skills which were new to me seemed just right for this year's party. Glad you liked it. I certainly had fun with it.

  29. Glad to have you come to my tea party. I agreed with you. That teacup image has a special place in my heart. Hope you enjoyed your tea.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Thanks for your comments and stopping by. I enjoyed visiting your party too.

  32. It was fun to make that one. Thanks for coming to my tea party and your comment.

  33. Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. I am glad you came. They are loads of fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am still hankering after your raspberry eclairs…..

  34. Ooooo, dreamy!!! So fairytale enchanted!! Just lovely, thank you so much for sharing. Happiest mad tea party wishes <3, Vanessa

  35. Lynda! Such great photos! I use PicMonkey for a lot of photo editing (when I'm not too lazy and actually do edit my photos!)
    I really enjoyed this little Wonderland trip! Do stop by my party (if you haven't already!)

  36. Very fun visit. I enjoyed having tea with you my dear. Loved your photos, really pretty!

  37. Fabulous!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, your party was delightful!
    Thank you for being a most gracious hostess, my Dear!

  38. Christina, thanks for coming to my party. I really enjoyed taking a peek into yours. That cake!!! Delightful!

    Thanks for the compliments about the images. They were fun to make. I'm sure you could do wonderful things with these apps. Your sense of style and whimsy would translate so well. I encourage you to give them a try. I find they are good ways to get ideas for art journaling as well.

    I added your blog to my feed, but couldn't join on Google friends. I kept getting an error message. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  39. Pic Monkey is great! There are so many great photo editing apps/programs available now it's hard to choose. I'm laughing sardonically as I ponder the amount of photo editing or archiving I actually do. It's hard to keep up with it, isn't it?

    Thanks for coming over to my tea party.

  40. Thanks for coming by, Vanessa. I'm glad you liked my tea party. It was a new approach for me this year and that's great for my creative juices.

  41. Oh, I am so glad you came. Thank you for coming. I ventured over to your tea party and everything is just scrumptious. What a thoughtful and meticulous hostess you are!

  42. Thank you for coming and thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed the party. I headed over to your part and enjoyed it thoroughly. What a wonderful spread you set.

  43. Love your photo style tea party. Very pretty!

  44. This is so very magical! What a wonderful tea party — and talented artist/photographer, too! I am a new follower and looking forward to many more posts from you!
    ~jeanie at The Marmelade Gypsy

  45. Thank you for coming and for following my blog! So glad you enjoyed my party. I'm blushing with happiness at your compliments. Look forward to seeing more of you.

  46. Thank you for the compliment. Glad you came by and had some tea. I enjoyed your tea party so much.

  47. Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the photos.

  48. Gorgeous photos!

  49. Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by.

  50. Beautiful photos, Lynda! Love the candified ones, and your hydrangeas are my favorite shade! Gorgeous! Thank you for the cuppa tea, it was delightful! Have a magical week!

  51. What creativity!! I love you tea party! There is so much to see and investigate in each photo. Thank you so much for having tea with me and inviting me to your party. I'm quite sure I'll be having tea all week to get to see all the parties! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog.
    God bless and Happy Unbirthday to you,

  52. Thanks for coming by. It's always fun to share a cup of tea. Glad you enjoyed my party as I enjoyed yours. What a lot of fun these tea parties have been.

  53. Thanks, Christine! I'm so glad you liked my party. I'm still chuckling over your flamingo treats! That was so clever. It was fun to share a good cup of tea.

  54. Great effects! I love the March Hare and "You" popping up everywhere. Thanks for the terrific tea party madness. Cheers, Sarah
    P.S. The Fairy Festival sounds wonderful, too!

  55. Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you liked the effects. They were really fun to do. I'm so glad you stopped by. I really enjoy the sharing.

    The Fairy Festival is wonderful fun. I hope you can experience it some day.

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