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Some years ago Saturday was a day to get up early and be the driver for activities or classes. No sleeping in for me. Once I got up and around and delivered my charges to their appointed places I was free for a few hours. Not at home, mind you, but my time was mine to do with as I chose. At the time I taught a graduate course, so I chose to spend the time at a coffee shop drinking tea (ironic, isn’t it?) reading, writing, coordinating or correcting.
I discovered fiction writing and changed my focus. The weekly routine of writing grounded my whole week. I no longer have a regular Saturday chauffer gig. I drive on a more per diem basis at this point.
I have gotten so used to anticipating my Saturday morning tea and pen that I really miss it when I don’t get it.
These days I rarely leave home for my tea. Instead I make a pot just the way I like it. I make a ritual of gathering beautiful tea things together. That first sip is a balm – the cares of the week slip away.
When I first began having tea it seemed like a lot of work, yet it’s not more work than a regular breakfast if you have the things just as handy. It happened gradually for me. I started trading heavy mugs with humorous sayings for china teacups with floral patterns. I added silver flatware from a flea market. Each piece brings a happy memory. Each cup is a reunion. Slowly, my tea things shifted to easier to reach places while other items, less used though more mainstream in appearance, were moved to the back.

By moving these precious things to the front I’m declaring my own importance, my own value.
I drink my cup slowly, savoring the moment.
After my tea time I’m more relaxed and ready to face the world. I’m more cheerful and I’d even bet that I have less wrinkles. If I get my cup of tea, I’m willing to bend my will toward the desires of others. Without it, I’m more likely to feel disgruntled when things don’t go as planned. 
Some people might think that it’s the caffeine that is working the miracles. I have other thoughts on the matter. While I enjoy a cup of tea from a Styrofoam cup on the go as much as the next person, it does not refresh or renew me. At least, it doesn’t do it all by itself. Rather, the act of preparing a beautiful pot of tea has come to be a signal that I am about to slow down, clear my head of the extraneous and have some time inside my own head. My focus begins before I take my first sip. I make a conscious effort to push everything else out of my thoughts and make use of the time. I don’t use the time to pay bills or straighten up the room. The time I have for tea may be the only time I have to write, to create, to fill up my creative self. Believe me when I say that I dive in.
It is difficult for me to clear my mind. I have never been successful at sitting in meditation and clearing out all thoughts. When I make a pot of tea, however, it is often easy for me to banish all the static and focus on my self-renewal.
It takes relatively little time to prepare my tea tray. It takes a lot longer to drink it. I take a sip. I scribble madly in a notebook, on a napkin on my laptop. Drinking a cup of tea takes much longer than eating a meal. It is a time of letting go. It is a time of declaration. It is a time of renewal.
Sparkly Saturdays? For me, they start with tea.

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  1. What a lovely ritual, Lynda! Your tea cups are beautiful. And your description of this creative process makes me want to take it up myself. I drink coffee most of the time but I'm tempted to switch.

  2. Thanks Dana, Some of my tea cups are ones my mother received as bridal shower gifts! I tend to use those more sparingly, but I love to look at them. This is my guilty pleasure. Coffee would work as well. There are beautiful coffee cups as well. I think the main thing is to take time to make your meal a visual delight and a source for renewal. I know that you have that down pat.

    You have always been a sparkly inspiration to me.

  3. Wow, we have so much in common! I adore my sparkling antique tea cups as they make my relaxation ritual so very special. Thank you for taking the time to write such an eloquent and thoughtful piece. I love your writing and I love this blog post! I'm grateful to have such a *SPARKLING* kindred spirit as my dear internet friend! Happy sparkly Saturday!! XOXO

  4. Thank you for sharing your centering ritual Linda! I was transported!
    I share your love for all things tea:-) By the way, what kind of tea do you like? I am an Earl Grey die hard:-)

    I remember, when my girls were infants, what took me through those first few months of caring for them, was a similar ritual to yours. I was exhausted, but every day, the girls would take their nap at one o'clock in the afternoon. I'd make a small pot of tea, choose a beautiful tea cup and place it all on a tray. I'd light a candle and go sit by my biggest window. Then, I'd just take my time and enjoy every sip of that tea until the girls woke up.

    It was my time to recharge and feel "human" again.

  5. So glad you share my love of tea. My favorite tea is Harney's Indian Spice (with soy milk). I'm also partial to Assam. A tea bag from the grocery store will do if I don't have my favorites on hand. Your candle is a nice touch. I like a fresh flower when I think of it. That's not too often, but I'll splurge when I think I need a little something extra.

    Hope you had a nice cup today.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to know that we have so much in common. I'm looking forward to a cup of tea together some day.

  7. Indian Spice sounds good! I did enjoy my tea today and guess what . . . It was Assam and I hadn't even read your reply at that point:-)

  8. How funny! I love it when things align. After last week's post I went out and bought more tea!

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