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Have Journal Will Travel

It seems that the majority of my arting has been done on the go. While I continue to try to get my art desk under control, I haven’t spent much time at it. So I’m getting pretty good at creating wherever I am and in mini-bursts. More often than not, time at my art desk is focused on preparing materials to be made on the go.

Last pocketbook buying trip was focused on getting a bag that could not hold the kitchen sink. Naturally, it has become apparent that if it can be stuffed to overflowing it will be. There is space for a sandwich sized zip-lock bag with two mini books and a handful of gel pens. The mini-books have already had a layer of collage or paint and now it is time for embellishment.

Another bag is stuffed with a host of materials for collage, a variety of art pens and water soluble crayons. This bag is taken when there is any suspicion that the day will have down moments or even a visit to a tea or coffee establishment. 

You may have noticed that I have a favorite tea shop to work in. Kung fu Tea in Providence, Rhode Island is my new favorite journaling spot. I go there whenever I have a chance (which isn’t nearly often enough.) I love the environment and Oolong Milk Tea is nothing short of ambrosial. 

I still love journaling in Starbucks. I’m plenty happy pasting layers and adding pen in the car. 

Lately I have found that our nearby hospital has a lovely waiting room where I spent some time  while waiting for a family member’s tests. Pages were completed there. Callous you say? Art journal pages are a great way to process the feelings you are having whether they are fear, joy or confusion. Art journaling eased my worry and helped me to be more present for others. I’d say that is a win all around. 

I’ve also discovered over the past few months that I have gravitated to posting on instagram. It suits the out and about nature of my days. Actually it was through instagram that I was inspired to get serious about making art on the go. Jogatheringwild regularly creates art in her car before work. This inspired me to really get started. Check her out. 

What are your favorite tools for art on the go? How do you manage fitting art making into your routine? 

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  1. Well, all I can say if you have been far more productive than I! I have a small bag for watercolors that comes with me, stuffed with watercolor postcards or small papers and another small bag for pencils. Sometimes that gets a glue stick but most of that is done at home. It beats taking big huge carryalls like I used to!

  2. Jeanie, I am sure you have been plenty productive! You sound like you have truly honed your tools down to the minimum. That is amazing. I have a habit of carrying too much, so I am editing.

  3. Yummy scrummy, every single bit! xox

  4. Corrine, Thanks for your wonderful encouragement. I always love your choice of words!

  5. I must admit I've never art journaled on the go! But I do manage to do art at home in little increments as time allows or as my creativity flows. My little art studio is just off our family room/kitchen so it's in the heart of our home. It's easy to pop in there and slap some paint on something or glue down some papers.

  6. It's great that your studio is so central and easy to pop into. You must have it organized to be able to work like that. I find that I always have to clear off the space before I can work on it! Art journaling on the go does require me to be organized. I'd better have that gluestick or nothing is going to be glued to the page. The big gift of working on the go is that there are not the distractions you might have if at home. There may be dishes in my sink, but they are miles away! I do find that I am able to give myself over to the creating that way. I do love working in my own space too. Thanks for the conversation.

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