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Good Fortune Keeping


Chinese New Year is still fresh for me and I want to keep some of that good fortune with me as we move toward spring. As I was finishing a delicious meal of lo mein and reaching for my fortune cookie, a vision for a fortune keeper came to me. As a saver of the fortunes from the many cookies I have known, it seemed a good place to store them and any other fortune I could gather. The things I had from Gwen’s shop were perfect for this project.

A Pringles tube was used for the base. (After eating the contents and wiping clean with a damp rag.) Instead of going for a fresh, consistent color, the look of a box that has been cherished throughout a period of time was chosen. The whole was given a fresh coat of gesso. Layer after layer of color was added. This added depth.

Colors used – Tim Holtz Distress Paint from Ranger – tarnished brass and fired brick and Handmade Modern Metallic Acrylic paint 20K Gold (from Target)

Next Gwen’s Stencil Girl Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen Stencil was applied to the can using spray ink. A questionable decision, given the fact that the container is a cylinder. Blur, drips, and imperfection was embraced for this project, but if you are after a fresh, clean stenciled image I would recommend pouncing paint when stenciling on a tube.

Spray ink by Tattered Angels – Plain Jane Semi Opaque Matte Mist in Clay.
Dylusions ink spray by Ranger in Cherry Pie.

Using the dragon from Gwen’s Exotic Orient Chinese Paper Cut-Outs – Chinese Zodiac as a stencil and an embossing pad, the image was transferred to the tube. Seth Apter’s Baked Texture in Rocky Road by Emerald Creek was applied to the embossing powder. Seeing it react to the heating unit was a treat. The words Good Fortune were added with a brush pen.

Dresden trim was adhered along the bottom edge.


Next, the bottom was embellished. It was painted with the same paints as the sides. A large Chinese coin was hot glued to the bottom and black beads glued around it. After poking a hole in the middle, the Exotic Orient Chinese Coin Tassel – Large was added. The tassel was attached to a black bead on the outside with a thread, this was pulled through the hole and attached to another black bead on the inside.

The top saw the same treatment with paint and black beads glued around the outside rim. A round, Chinese screen Exotic Orient Traditional Chinese Metal Wafer Die was transformed from it’s original silver to a mix that would match the piece. First, it was turned gold by covering with two different gold markers.

Then a layer of Seth Apter’s Baked Texture in Chunky Rust  (Emerald Creek) was applied and heated.

Another layer of Baked Texture was applied, but this time it was Rocky Road. Swoon! I love the look of this.

Finally a hole was punched in the lid and a piece of Twisted Sister Sari Ribbon from Darned Good Yarn was added for a hanger.


Want to have some Good Fortune of your own? Well, you are in luck. Gwen is having a sale this month and you are invited!

Now I’m ready for some Fortune Cookies! What’s the most memorable fortune cookie you have ever had?




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  1. Lynda!!!
    I swear to you I had no idea this was a Pringles can! Omgosh It looks fabulous- how gorgeous this came out! I always thought i was the queen of recycle, but Sister, I think you have outdone me! lol
    Seriously a beautiful holder of Good Fortunes! I may have to make one for myself!
    Thank you for walking us through this!
    hugs,Jackie xx

    1. lshoup says:

      Jackie, I’m sure you remain the Queen of recycle! Also glad to know that it was not an obvious fact that it was a can of Pringles. Frankly, I think it has the look of a firecracker. Hope you make one. We can all use a little help with good fortune.

  2. Love the idea of creating something to hold your fortunes – so fun! And using the papercut as a stencil worked really well… especially with the embossing powder. Such a cool project – thanks Lynda!

    1. lshoup says:

      Gwen, I was keeping them in a little box, but this is more fun. I couldn’t get the clearest photograph of the embossing, but it really does look great. Loving that Baked Texture. Forgot to mention that there is washi tape on there too! It was lots of fun.

  3. Linda, I love your flair for Asian projects. This one is so much fun. Pringles cans… who would have thought. Great way to recycle. I can see a whole grouping of these handing in a tree and swinging with the breeze. You are just so amazingly creative!

  4. So creative and beautiful! And what a clever use for the chip tube; you outdid yourself with this project!

  5. OK, you could tip me over with a feather! I love, love, LOVE those embossing powders having holed myself up in my CLOSET for days with them! You have really done a great job on combining them on that (sacrilege!) die! And really??? A Pringles can? Wow! I made a tree trunk out of a bread crumb can at one time, so I totally get the recycle idea! http://sarascloset1.blogspot.ca/2016/04/anything-but-cute-challenge-12-earth-day.html

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful project and tutorial! Hugs!

    1. lshoup says:

      Sara, so glad you liked the project. Even though I added the embossing powders to the die. I took a look at your tree trunk and love how you used a breadcrumb can to make it. I can easily get carried away saving items to recycle. Do you have any ideas of how to keep the stash in check? I might just need some.

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