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Finished Mood Book Flip Through

I started making mood books some time ago from the pages of magazines I didn’t have room to keep, but I couldn’t quite let go of. Each one starts with sorting the pages in themes, folding and pre-punching the holes and binding them with a Coptic stitch binding. Each page is then decorated from top to bottom. Only a peak of the original page may be seen here or there, but you’d have to look pretty hard.

Finishing one is always a thrill. To flip through and see how every page works together as part of the whole is surprising and delightful for me. Here is a video of the flip through of a mood book I just finished. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

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  1. Linda…hi!! Thank you so much for visiting and I am so sorry it took me so long to say thanks……it’s a bit hectic here. I do love this book. I am becoming a bit of a book addict, a dangerous addiction to have I think because all my money disappears at the art shop!!
    Have a lovely weekend and once again I am so sorry for not responding earlier xxx

  2. and I am sorry a second time…I really need to pull myself together….I spelt your name wrong Lynda 🙁

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