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Boho Meets Boro Bag

I love Bohemian style. Years ago a guy with a green mohawk taunted me by saying with a sneer “You’re so Boho!” I laughed because I didn’t think that was an insult. In fact, I wore it as a badge of honor. Boho is a style that I love.


@jadoremadeleinebunny models the Boho Meets Boro Bag

Shabby Chic collide) and so many more. My boho style is somewhere between Boho Bold and Boho Chic. I love the Lagenlook trend, the upcycled, recycled, mended and reimagined. I love color and neutrals. The boro esthetic, an extreme form of mending and making do, visually appeals to me.

@jadoremadeleinebunny models the Boho Meets Boro Bag

That being the case I combined the bohemian, world traveler style stencils of Gwen Lafleur and boro esthetic stitching in uncharacteristic wild color on hand dyed fabric made by longtime friend Cindi Huss to create a bag which will not escape your notice.

@jadoremadeleinebunny won’t let go of the Boho Meets Boro Bag

Materials Used

Gwen’s stencils –

Decorative Medalion Stencil

Not Afraid to Try

Fabric paints –

DecoArt So Soft – Baby Pink, Bright Avocado, Bright Coral, Bright Yellow, Dioazine Purple, Indian Turquoise, Neon Blue, Neon Red, Olive Green, Pineapple, Purple

Fabric – plain for printing on and a print for the lining. I got mine from Cindi Huss of Dancing Threads. To see more of her art check her out on Instagram at @dancingthreadsart  .

embroidery floss

embroidery hoop, if you use one



assorted glass beads in seed and bugle sizes


Making the bag

I started off with a piece of scrap fabric my long time friend, Cindi Huss, left with me after a visit. It is white punctuated with random patches of color of dye from other projects.

Some of the dye on the scrap fabric I received from Cindi Huss

To this fabric paint from ++++++ was applied through the Decorative Medallion stencil with makeup sponge.

When a color was finished, the remaining paint was applied randomly to the background. Just like on art journal pages.

Elements from the Not Afraid to Try stencil were added to gain balance.

Using an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric tight, beads were sewn around the circular section of the medallions.

Before the stitching began a lining for the bag would have to be chosen. Years ago, like more than 10 years previously, I had obtained some of Cindi Huss’s hand dyed fabric. Love these colors! Luckily the piece was found among one of the first boxes opened. The search could have been lengthy. With “right sides” facing, the top and bottom were sewn together, turned right side out and pressed.

Let the stitching begin!



Stitching was added all over the fabric. The backside was nearly as lovely as the front. Using a variety of colors of embroidery thread stitching was added. The medallions were not stitched through.

The pieces were ironed and the sides were stitched by machine. Straps were cut out, stamped, ironed into place and stitched with a machine. Finally, the straps were stitched with embroidery thread for beauty and strength.

Thank you to @jadoremadeleinebunny for styling and modeling for the photos in this post.

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  1. Jill McDowell says:

    Lynda, I am so in awe of your BoHo Bag. The design, the colors, the stitching… oh the stitching, and the beading…. I can’t imagine how much time this took you. It’s definitely a bag made with love. And
    I want to make one. It is simply just lovely…… I’m inspired! Hugs…

    1. lshoup says:

      Jill, you make me happy with your comments. I have no idea how long it took as I just worked on it here and there. It was a great project to work on out and about. You really just have to do your stenciling at home first and then let those threads wander where they will. I can’t wait to see you make one…I’m sure it will be gorgeous. If I were to make another I think I would make it a bit smaller…just a hint. Hope you will give one a try.

  2. You chose the perfect stencils for the fabric, and the hand stitching beautifully enhances the design. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer days!

    1. lshoup says:

      Yes, Linda, this bag practically screams spring and summer holidays! It does make me itch for a road trip…..Thanks for the thumbs up on the stencils.

  3. I love how this bag turned out Lynda – what a great mashup of styles, colors, and patterns! Really lovely! Thank you 🙂

    1. lshoup says:

      Thank you, Gwen. I feel that your stencils were perfect for bringing it all out. Glad you liked the results!

  4. Fabulous creation, love those stencils. I adore working with fabric and paints it’s my own private little get away. It’s like looking at a glimpse of my own upcoming DY work and WIP’s with the Kantha stitching I just love it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and very useful creation Lynda.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

    1. lshoup says:

      Tracey, it’s good to meet another kindred spirit. Paint on fabric and then stitching! You described it so well as your “own private little get away.” Perfect! Yes, that is the way I think of it too.

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