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Boho Boquet Art Journal Page

I love Gwen’s new stencils. I love her old stencils. I love the fact that she’ll probably have more stencils in the future. (I don’t have any inside information, but I can’t imagine a world in which this is not the case.) Not only do I love her stencils, but I love printing them on the paper that prescriptions come in. The paper resembles a double thickness of deli paper. It is translucent and is one of my go-to materials for art journaling as it layers so well.

The piece started with a piece of mixed media paper. My prescription paper covered with three of Gwen’s stencils was pasted down to begin. (Decorative Six Petal Flower Screen StencilBoho Star Circle Stencil, and Ornamental Petals Screen Stencil). Along the left edge Watercolor Peacock Feathers Washi Tape was applied.

The Dresden Round Medalion Trim is one of those items that I am inclined to hoard, but I decided to be generous with myself and use one. It was royal enough to use some silk pieces of sari ribbon. The aqua color ribbon was twisted to make a floral feel and tacked down with carefully hidden stitches. The piece in the middle was knotted to make a budlike dimensional point and stitched down.

Some scraps of Irresistible India – Embellished Sari Scraps were perfect for the stem and leaves. After cutting the shapes, they were stitched down with DMC embroidery floss using the backstitch, Colonial Knots and a modified feather stitch.

A few spangles from my stash were added and embellished with glass beads.

Lastly, the running stitch was applied to the right side of the page using purple DMC floss.

I love these textures together.

These days I am simply loving combining paper, paint and textiles. What combinations of materials speak to your heart these days?

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  1. This is so fun Lynda – I love the different elements you combined to make a flower… unexpected, but beautiful results!

    1. lshoup says:

      Thank you, Gwen! I agree they were unexpected. I didn’t expect them either! We have often talked about how the piece guides us and this piece was no exception.

  2. Very pretty and unique! I’m curious about the prescription bags, we only have white paper in my area. Love the softness of the background and your many textures

    1. lshoup says:

      Thank you, Linda. As for our prescription bags, they are white with the printing in bright red (to coordinate with blood, perhaps?) I cut them apart and print on the inside. Usually, the printing on the other side is not a problem, but if it is I simply cut it out!

  3. Oh bother!
    On gwen’s page I commented on this before seeing this post and thought your stem and leaves were a Cactus with a budding flower!well, it still could be!
    Anyway, I do love the way you have created the flower out of Sari- brilliant idea my friend- a gorgeous page!
    Jackie xo

    1. lshoup says:

      I love your idea about the cactus! It could be. I love how we can look at the same thing and find our own interpretations. That’s what makes us unique as artists as well. We see the materials at hand and have very different ways of using them. I find that truly exhilarating.

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