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Bohemian Paper Vase

I’ve been taken with the beautiful paper vases that grace the origami scene for quite some time. While I admire that stark esthetic of rice paper and black or indigo ink, anyone who has been visiting this blog won’t be surprised to know that I just couldn’t follow the trend. Mine vase was going to be bright, bold and more than a little bit colorful. In fact, the vase would be used to hold some peacock feathers my friend gave me from her friend’s peacocks. How could it be anything but bright?

Using Gwen’s Decorative Medalion Stencil and a piece of patterned 12″ X 12″ scrapbook paper, stencil the image four times lining the stencil up with the edges.

Using another color, apply the stencil again in the middle. Add more pattern with an additional color by stenciling just the middle element in empty areas.

Once the paper is dry, fold it into the box shape of your choice. I used directions from a book I purchased in 1996 Kurashi ni Ikasu Kantan Origami 100 – Part 2. Yes, it is in Japanese. Directions for vases are plentiful in other books and on the internet. A quick google search just made my eyes go wide with the variety of options out there. 

Once folded, I chose four medallions from the Dresden Trim – small medallions  to adhere to each side. These medallions are beautiful and come in a variety of shapes. I chose four that had prominent points to keep it looking unified, though unique. The medallions were adhered with hot glue to each side making sure that the hangers were facing downwards. 

(Hint: Cutting the medallions apart and storing them in a small container, like the hard candy tin you can see in the background, makes it easy to use them.)

Some of Dresden borders were applied to the edge of two opposing sides. Liquid Pearls by Ranger were applied to the other two sides and around the medallions for accent. 

To each medallion beads of various colors were attached. The colors were selected from colors to match not only the vessel, but also the peacock feathers which would be arranged within. 

The paper vase is lightweight and easy to tip over, so filling it with some plastic beads gave it more stability. If you wish to add fresh flowers place a cup inside to hold the water. The peacock feathers were added, a bit of raffia tucked into the top and a bow was added. Let me just mention that this ribbon is one that Gwen wraps her packages in. Naturally, I save it to use and it perfectly suited my purpose here. 

Do you love that Dresden trim as much as I do? Gwen is having a sale, but hurry it’s only until the end of the month. Here’s a coupon code for you to use. 

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  1. Wow wow wow! Just beautiful. The colors and shapes and accents go so beautifully together. Love this!

  2. Thanks so much, Linda! Glad you like it. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Deciding on which elements got to be in and which didn't make the cut was fun and leaves me with the desire to make another one…or maybe two.

  3. Love this Lynda – such a great idea, and fabulous execution! The beads attached to the loops on the Dresden are a nice touch, and that's a great tip on the storage for the medallions! I might have to steal it 😉 Thank you!

  4. Thanks, Gwen! Your stencils fit the paper beautifully. Everything is better with beads, isn't it? Glad the storage option struck a chord. They really feel easier to manage for me tucked away in the tin.

  5. WOW, love your paper vase and the way you added beads to the Dresden medallions!

  6. Thanks, Sandee! Beads make everything better, don't they!

  7. Lynda! this vase is remarkable!! And totally bohemian!!
    I need a walk through your house to take in your style! you are such a beautiful gypsy spirit, I am sure i would feel right at home!
    I so dig the way you think out of? about the box! You really do make Gwen's products sing!
    Jackie xo

  8. Thanks for the visit, Jackie. Your comments always make me smile. You might be surprised looking around here – my style preferences are shabby chic meets bohemian bold. My daughter tells me that makes my style Boho Chic, but sometimes I'm just straight up Boho Bold. That's one reason I love Gwen's products so much – they simply get my jive.

  9. LOVE this project and so happy to have you comment about my social media post. Will be great to see you in other places. Technical question – can you email me about setting up Google+ option alongside blogger so people can comment both places? I've never gone with Google+ cos I don't want to cut out people being able to comment unless they have Google+ and looks to me like you've found the solution….Happy 2018

  10. Thanks, Lynette! Glad you like it. I see that you have figured it out without my help (sorry didn't see it soon enough), but good for you! You figured it out!

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