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Blogging for Connection

From time to time most bloggers ask themselves the question. 
“What question?” you ask.
That question. 

Why do we blog? 

If you are asking this question, pull up a seat and have a cold glass of peach infused ice tea. 

“Why this tea in particular?”you may well ask. “Why not plain? Why not coffee? “

Because this tea is the answer to your question. I hear your confusion. 
“Get to the point already, will you?” you say with a slight irritation in your voice. 

I will oblige you. 

I have never in the whole of my life had peach infused ice tea. Never given it a backwards glance. When the recipe was shared by Ricki Jill of Art@Home on her post for this year’s Mad Tea Party I was intrigued. I had to try it. If you ask around, and I beg you don’t, you may even learn that I became a bit obsessed with giving it a try. 

The ingredients I bought at a local farm. South Carolinan peaches were chosen over the white ones. Locally grown mint was procured. 

As we sat and sipped and proclaimed over the tea I mused upon the ties that bind us as bloggers. The richness of experience we are granted for the inspiration and kindness from each other, persons unknown to each other in our local, everyday lives. The tea was, and remains, delicious. Ricki was astute in mentioning that the recipe can last a while, but won’t because it will be finished long before it’s expiration date. For the record, I drank more than one glass. 

Blogging, instagram, and a variety of other ways of connecting are a blessing to those of those who stick with it, who engage and who share. It requires a certain level of engagement, however, and that connection does not come without effort. We blog to see and be seen, to inspire and be inspired, to express and find expressions that help us understand our own experience. We blog to send beauty into the world and to fill our lives with that beauty. 

These are all things I am thinking as I muse over the beauty of the connection we gain from blogging. There is so much more. I need not be complete in this post. 

Dear reader, thank you for being part of this blogging experience. Ricki Jill, thank you so much for this recipe. So delicious! 

Why do you blog? Why do you read blogs? What do you get out of the experience?

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  1. Oh Lynda, you said it so well. I blog for the connection, for learning something unexpected and new and just plain delightful, for seeing things I'll probably never see in person, for the real-life friendships that have evolved from visits and comments. It's all good. For nine years, almost. All good.

    Speaking of comments, thanks for your visit! My fragile soul appreciated your kind comments on my art! It has been a challenge to focus on just one thing this summer — there are so many artistic things I enjoy I find that the greatest challenge. But bit by bit it gets a little better. The support of bloggers (like you!) really help keep me focused!

  2. Hi Jeanie,
    Your comments warm my heart. This post begged to be written, but I could not be bothered to be so introspective to be complete. I needed to write and put it out there, imperfect as it may be. I am really gratified that it spoke to you.

    I am also glad that my comments over at your place could in some way touch you and support you. We all have challenges. Sticking to one thing is simply one small one in my host of challenges.You are brave to narrow it down. So glad to be connected!

  3. Aw, Lynda! You've made my day. SO HAPPY you tried the peach iced tea and enjoyed it. My husband loves Diet Peach Snapple, but I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners.

    I enjoy blogging because I am inspired by what I learn on blogs. Plus I've met some very sweet, encouraging bloggers like you!

    I wish we could meet in person and have some peach tea and discuss art journaling!!! ;P


  4. Glad to hear that I made your day, after all you made mine! Diet Peach Snapple can have no power over your recipe. No comparison at all. We drank your tea and were delighted.

    It would be pleasant to be able to meet in person, but I'm feeling lucky I live in this time and am able to make blog friends. Technology makes so many things possible.

    I toast you with a glass of peach tea.

  5. Tea looks wonderful. I totally agree, the connection and the getting to know the person on a more personal level is what makes the blogging work for me. I love instagram too, but the blogging is more and something hearty to grab onto. I miss that we are all not doing it as much as we used to. xox

  6. I wish you could sit down and have a cup with me. Blogging is, indeed, heartier than instagram. Love them both, but differently. I find the speed of life has sped up so much for me that I don't post as often on my blog. Hope to rectify that in the months to come.
    So glad I came across you.

  7. I love my blog – you are so right about connecting! This is partly because I am by nature a chatterbox but also because I get to know people – and what makes them tick(as you have shown here) I joined (if that's the correct expression ) Instagram when a friend stopped blogging and when we were out one day told me how to see her 100 day project! Thank you so much for your encouraging comments – at the moment I am not able to do much visiting of blogs as we are away at our caravan (mobile home) so much and we don't get a consistent connection! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. We seem to be on the same page. It is fun to get to know someone through their writing and photos. I think being on Instagram makes it easy to give up blogging. The experience is similar, without as much work. Yet blogging still holds it's attraction as it provides a more in depth forum. I love them both and wouldn't want to give up either.

    Glad my comments were encouraging. Hoping your caravan traveling gives much room for joy and inspiration. Can't wait to see what it inspires. Thanks for stopping by even though you are quite busy at the moment.

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