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I’m Teaching a Class on The Making App


It was completely by accident that I found out about the Making App. I saw an advertisement for it through one of my social media outlets. It looked good and so I joined. I have been loving it. This app has brought together many of my favorite aspects of social media - a way to meet other makers, as inspiration, a way to track projects, and a platform for taking and teaching classes. The app is the brainchild of Making Magazine and the inspiration is real. If you are a maker, please get the app and check it out.

For me, it gets more exciting as I am going to teach a class on the platform.

Mono-printing using a gel plate - the basics

Have you heard of gel plates? Are you intrigued with what you can do with one? Wonder no more. In Mono-printing using a gel plate - the basics, you will learn how to use a gel plate with confidence. We will create a number of different kinds of prints and practice layering to create more interesting compositions. The class will cover how to set up, use and clean up after a printing session.

When: February 20, 2022 at 2 pm.

Duration : 90 minutes

Cost: $50/person

Where: via Zoom offered through the Making App.

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