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Red Cabbage Ink

Making Natural Inks

In a previous blogpost, I showed some of my experiments with creating color with tea - ink, dye, and stain.

A little while ago, I tried my hand at making ink with red cabbage. I had heard wonders of red cabbage, but you have to try it to understand.

Below I have posted some examples of the noodling about I did with the inks. Who knew all these colors could come from red cabbage?


These are some of my favorite colors. Next time I make avocado ink I want to see how it looks next to these colors.

The yellow! It actually turns a bit more green depending on what is next to it. I'm thinking I would like to expand my repertoire of yellow inks. I have heard that turmeric ink is quite eye-catching so it might just be next on the list.

Such beautiful variations. One of the things I love about natural inks and dyes is the subtlety of color. It almost glows. Years ago when I was learning about dying wool with natural dyes I found that the naturally dyed items couldn't really be worn with the clothes I already had. The colors just repelled each other. Funny how I love over-the-top bright colors and yet these subtle natural colors also light up my heart.

Do you have a preference? Do you have a favorite natural color? What kinds of ink should I try next? I'd love to hear from you.

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