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Red: A Colorways Journal and She Had Things to Do Journal flip throughs

A couple of flip throughs of journals recently posted to YouTube. The first is a journal called "Red: A Colorways Journal." In the process of making this journal I chose pages that were predominantly red and bound them together using the Coptic Stitch binding. Then I filled them with more red. Hope you will enjoy the flip through.

The more recent journal is entitled "She Had Things to Do." People appeared in this journal unbidden. While it may be tempting to think it gave me a chance to vent my feelings, it was more a matter of imagining what these unfamiliar people might be thinking. In truth, some of the thoughts might overlap. I enjoyed getting to know these new friends with big ideas and plans.

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  1. Jill says:

    Lynda, I loved flipping through these 2 special journals. I especially loved seeing all of your faces. I can only imagine how long it took you to finish all those spreads. Obviously she did have things to do… thanks for sharing them. I really liked the cut out pages. Very clever.

    1. lshoup says:

      Thank you, Jill. It’s funny that so many faces showed up. I have not been drawn to faces for a while, so it was something of a surprise to me. Yet, she had things to do so I created. I’m glad the cut-outs translated. They were fun to do, but I found out that it could be better to do them as you go rather than randomly cutting holes into pages and then dreaming up ways to incorporate them. So glad you came and took a look.

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